fumo una sigaretta e il tempo lo sento passare, lo sento svanire sotto ai miei occhi e cerco di trattenerlo ma mi scivola via



Former cement factory turned home and office of architect Richardo Bofill, 


My friend got a new dog and she was wanted me to help her choose a name so I told her to call the dog “a friend” so she could say she was “going out with a friend” “watching a movie with a friend” “staying home with a friend”
I’m so funny


Audrey Hepburn photographed by Mark Shaw during the filming of Sabrina, 1953.

"There’s nothing better than having a baby. I’ve always loved children. I used to work summers at the YMCA & be in charge of like 30 preschool kids. I knew that when I had a child, I’d be overwhelmed & it’s true… I can’t tell you how much my attitude has changed since we’ve got Frances. Holding my baby is the best drug in the world." -Kurt Cobain, 1992